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Planet & People!

We [Jess and Bethia] are neighbours. We’ve put in a lot  of hours chatting in a field, about sustainability, green living, building connections and community, removing limitations on imagination, global issues, local issues, changes in nature and of course, how we parent. 'Planet & People!' is a project that has come out of our friendship. It’s a project that we feel strongly about because we really believe in slower childhoods, in raising mindful adults who are in touch with the natural environment and with themselves, in taking our hands off and allowing free reign to imagination and in fighting against the cultural shift towards isolation and loneliness as well as combatting the environmental challenges of the future, climate change being just one! 


It’s also come out of lockdown - extra time to wonder if there is a seed of a business in all our processing and thinking!


We are excited about growing - in all its forms! The process, rather than the outcome is where so much of the quality and richness is found. We hope that you find these GROWboxes helpful in your growth journeys with your children. 

Bethia Stevenson-Paul

I’m a parent of two boys and have taught Geography for 13 years, both in this country and abroad.  I have always been excited about the environment and inspired to see young people grow up with a broad worldview. Believing that emotional intelligence, resilience and good mental health are important for our young people led me to train as a youth counsellor. Subsequently, pastoral work has also been a big part of my professional life. 


Jess Carter 

I’m lucky enough to live in beautiful mid-Devon with my husband Edwin and two young children, Oliver and Rowan. I am a keen nature conservationist, ecologist and educator. I have always been committed to the protection of the natural environment and hugely value the importance of sharing my knowledge and experience of nature and wildlife as well as the positive effects of the outdoors on mental and physical health. In recent years, I have shared our own patch of land at Farleigh, running community nature events to sense the seasons and manage our land with habitats in mind.

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