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Where? Black Dog, Devon

What? 6 acre smallholding, mostly grazing land with a few jacob sheep, bees and chickens as well as a floristry studio and flower/veggie patch and polytunnel area. Community minded landowners

How we plan to help? Surveys throughout the season. Advice on grazing regimes


Wow points: 

- Species abundance

- Multiple hedgerows

- Importance of design and feeling as well as nature


Where? Drayford, Devon

What? 18 acres, mainly used for grazing horses. Stretch of untouched riverside land. Wanting to make the best of this wild spot

How we plan to help? A summer habitat survey and use of camera traps and recommendations for management for nature.


Wow points: 

- Relatively wild, sheltered and diverse area adjacent to the stream


Where? Pennymoor, Devon

What? Valley farm, HLS managed, hedges restored, trees planted and woodland managed. Dexter cattle, sheep and poultry plus wind turbine

How we plan to help? A summer habitat survey to replicate one that was done several years ago to compare how the change of management regimes has aided species abundance.


Wow points: 

- Diversity; family have worked hard to manage the land carefully and not over graze


Where? Crediton, Devon

What? Self-sufficient small holding; shetland sheep, goats for milking and cheese, copse for firewood, fruit trees, vegetables. several acres with riverside area and small woodland.

How we plan to help? An early season survey and recommendations on grazing regime and improved species richness.


Wow points: 

- Sustainability and light-touch impact on the land. Care for livestock and admiration for traditional techniques.


Where? Cadbury, Devon

What? 8 acre field with hundreds of fruit, nut and broadleaf trees planted as well as beehives, wildflowers and allotment area. Cider production.

How we plan to help? An early season survey and recommendations for management for nature, collaborations and marketing.

Wow points: 

- Amazing vision for this rural enterprise. Importance on provenance, organic techniques and composting.

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