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Dads make the difference!


Today it’s Father’s Day! For us it is a chance to celebrate the many amazing fathers out there. The support, the love, the juggling, the teamwork, these are all things to equally cheer about!

Traditionally, it has been the mothers’ priority to look after the children and the household, but times are achanging! As children become more exposed to different ways of parenting; different personalities, ideas, approaches they are most certainly benefitting! The father figure in the family may not even be the (biological) father at all; our relationships and family structures are more fluid and more diverse these days, so “Father’s Day” is a chance to celebrate whomever it is that we choose to celebrate that has positively contributed to family life!

At ‘GROW Together!’ we positively embrace the “father’s” involvement and try our best to be as inclusive as possible. At the moment we are connecting with proactive dads including Nick at Dad Up Blog ( and adapting with the feedback given. There needs to be a shift, to release women and men from the ties of tradition (so that they at least have the choice) and create equality across all areas of life. We believe in the richness of difference and will be wholeheartedly celebrating today - hooray!

What will you be doing to celebrate?! Are you a Dad who feels like there needs to be a change - there might not be a group you feel comfortable with or a place where you’re always the only dad with the bulk of the childcare? Maybe this doesn’t matter to you? Or perhaps you’ve got ideas that you would love to exercise. Of course, the world is a funny place right now, but perhaps this is the time to implement the changes we’d like to see. Go on - join the discussion!

We hope that next month, in our JULY GROWbox, you will enjoy making bee bombs, making a rainbow lunch, learning about other cultures and thinking about travel. Yes Dads, get involved!


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