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GROWnings: September Jitters?! Sustainable Solutions!


A (Recyclable) Passport to Freedom

New things to look forward to in September:

  1. GROWbox Global - an online/printable version of our GROWbox

  2. GROWbox subscriptions - Single (one-off), Seasonal (3 monthly) or Seasonnaire (12 monthly) GROWbox subscription direct to your letterbox

  3. Send it On - Replacement materials for you to sustainably send your GROWbox on to a friend. Cheaper and greener :-)

Credit: Anya Campbell Photography

Jess: Education is often thought of as a passport to freedom. September is a time for new beginnings for students of all ages! The start of school or home learning can feel a bit funny whatever age your child is. Your child might have had a bit of time to reflect and think about what they will do better this year, they might have a new uniform, or new pencils, they might be starting at a new school, or even not going back to school at all?! Does your child get anxious in the run up to change?

We are here to support you and your family. Aware of the huge diversity of personalities and different ways of learning, we are launching a few new things:

For those who live far away or like to have an online/printable resource to refer to, we bring you “GROWbox Global”, our accessible online version which includes printable activity booklets and monthly newsletters, original audio stories and videos to support the activity. GG encourages innovative thinking and resourcefulness as the physical materials are not provided. GG can be sent to anyone with an email address and anyone who loves their children to learn through play and gain the tools, growth mindset and resilience to combat the climate crisis.

If screen-free is more your style, the original GROWbox is for you. Eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical contents, these fun activities pop through your letterbox and provide a month full of growth and learning with the planet in mind. The great thing is, you can now buy a season as we start our GROWbox subscription. You can buy Single, Seasonal (3 monthly) or Seasonnaire (12 monthly) boxes and be part of our GROWbox community.

Credit: Anya Campbell Photography

Bethia: Our last addition for the new school year is called 'Send It On' - a scheme to recycle your GROWbox and let others enjoy it just like your children have. We are constantly challenging ourselves to practise what we preach and this is a way to make your GROWbox reusable and reduce waste. Parents have lamented the amount of ‘stuff’ associated with kids - are your shelves filling up with ‘craft’!?

Well, from September you can enjoy your GROWbox and then if you want to support GROWbox Send it On, you can purchase a fresh set of materials that you have coloured in, filled in, drawn on, seeds that you have planted etc. and you can send the re-assembled GROWbox on to someone else. For PLANET - reducing waste and reusing. For PEOPLE - benefiting someone else with the learning and fun that they will get from your GROWbox!

All seems pretty good, right? If you have any questions or queries, give us a shout, we’re always happy to hear from you and will try our best to help out!

GROWnings is a weekly blog conversation by "GROW together!" to reflect our values and behaviours and encouraging open conversation on topical issues.

‘GROW Together!’ is an educational resources and subscription box company to provide fun, personalised learning resources enabling engagement between parents/carers and their children. The activities focus on getting in touch with nature and encouraging a desire to protect it, promoting better mental and physical wellbeing, allowing space for creativity and connectivity. Find out more on our website,, Facebook group, and on our Instagram Feed

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