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Kids at School - What About You?


Hopefully you are all adjusting to a new (albeit rather unusual) school year. Are you torn between enjoying the freedom of child-free time again and also missing having them around after being together for so many months!?

If you are wondering how to best use your time now, have a look at our GROWbox Ambassadors programme and get in touch! This is a way of working positively for your children, for planet and people. How can you resist! Take a little look at what it’s all about:

September's GROWbox is all about building confidence ahead of a new school year, changes in the seasons, design and differences in our personalities. We still have a few boxes available - get your order in before it’s too late!


Let's GROW - growing cress in eggshells and learning about the link between Earth’s journey around the Sun and growing things in nature (cress seeds, compost plug, globe balloon, activity booklet, Growing Seasons activity sheet, two videos and one audio story)

Let's BE WELL - starting the new school year with an 'I Can attitude and making bunting to remind us of all the things we can do with our strengths (I Can bunting outlines, personalised 'I Can' book bag tag, Super You activity sheet, activity booklet, two videos and one audio story)

Let's IMAGINE - this month we are designing something useful from materials we find in nature and thinking about birds as they start to migrate south for the winter (wool - raw and processed, A Day For Designing activity sheet, Creating Birds activity sheet, activity booklet, two videos and one audio story)

Let's CONNECT - we explore introverts and extroverts and what makes us different so that we can understand our friends and families better (Inside Outside card game, Together/On My Own card game, Signs To Look Out For activity sheet, door handle template, activity booklet, two videos and one audio story)

Have a wonderful week and do get in touch with any questions and comments you have - we love hearing from all our followers!

Jess & Bethia

(Team GROWbox)

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