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Let's Party Like It's 2020!


PARTYbox offers the waste-free, eco-friendly solution to your small, responsible gatherings.

Bethia: Things are tough at the moment. Wherever you live in the country, or the world, we are all experiencing disruption and uncertainty while we navigate COVID-19. This time of year usually has plenty to celebrate - maybe you celebrate Thanksgiving/harvest, maybe you would normally be already thinking about Christmas, maybe you have a birthday coming up. We can’t freely celebrate at the moment. It’s my birthday next week and I can’t spend it with the people I usually would.

It has made me reflect on the importance of celebrations for our mental wellbeing, for bonding with our nearests and dearests, for feeling part of a community. Celebration usually centres around your most precious people, great food, gifts, decoration, drink, laughter, funny traditions - all good, good things. The anticipation is also a massive part - the countdown to the event, the planning, the excitement.

Jess: Too right, Covid seems to have zapped the fun out of pretty much everything - let’s not let it get the better of us! What can we do to restore the soul and the celebration? Birthdays and celebrating peoples’ achievements are a big deal in our family. We find ways of making sure that the person we’re celebrating really feels special, that they are uplifted and feel the warmth and love that gatherings of friends and families offer. Parties can feel wasteful, but there are plenty of ways of being creative and resourceful and still injecting plenty of soul into your party! This is where the heart of GROWbox lies. Eco-friendly can be even more fun as it encourages you to be creative and inventive and find fun ways to celebrate without making a heavy mark on the planet. If you need some ideas on how to celebrate in 2020 or are not feeling the celebratory vibe, get in touch, we’ll help!

At GROWbox we have developed PARTYbox to try and salvage as much celebration as we can. For those parties of six we have put together a PARTYbox (party bag equivalent). They are eco-friendly, plastic free, vegan and above all - happiness enhancing! Maybe you don’t have a birthday coming up in the family but you and your kids need a lift as the days are getting shorter and the news is getting hard to bear. Order your PARTYbox, anticipate it’s arrival and enjoy it with some of your favourite people. Find things to celebrate - there are plenty and it makes a real difference.

GROWnings is a weekly blog conversation by ‘Planet & People’ to reflect our values and behaviours and encourage open conversation on topical issues.

We are the creators of GROWbox, for budding planet-friendly kids. GROWbox is an educational resource and subscription box providing personalised learning resources engaging children in planet and people. The activities focus on getting in touch with nature and encouraging a desire to protect it, promoting better mental and physical wellbeing, allowing space for creativity and connectivity.

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