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Ready, steady GROW!

8th April 2021


Over the Winter, I am ashamed to say that my veggie patch has not had a thing growing in it. As I trudged past the baron plot, through mud and sleet and rain, on a daily basis I have been tutting at myself for letting the dormant beds stay dormant for the colder months. We aren’t a fair weather family, we aren’t afraid of getting muddy or wrapping up warm, but for one reason or another we just hadn't planted anything.

Then the sun shone for a few glorious days at the end of March and there we found ourselves, sowing seeds, watering, planting out and gently tickling the ground back into action. Before we knew it we had come out of our hibernation and planted first early seed potatoes, mange tout, broad beans and salad varieties out in the patch and a few more delights; tomatoes and cucumbers, sweetpeas and blooms for cut flowers and pollinators under cover to gently ease them into outdoor life.

It really didn’t take too long, it was gentle work in the sunshine, we picnicked and the children found their own little planting or mud pie projects to be busying themselves with which meant for a glorious couple of mornings, there was a harmonious peace in the air. Not only were we doing something constructive that would help to boost our veggie patch and fill our plates with scrumptious, homegrown produce but we were all content, minds and bodies active, working in a team and getting on with things without angst or tension. Believe me it’s not always like that, but when it is, we must savour it!

With the sun on our faces and the soil on our hands we were happy. Gardening with kids can be great fun. Whether you have a big, well established garden, a postage stamp of a patch or something in between. If you’re allotmenteers, suburban dwellers or reside with your pot plants on a balcony or windowsill, at this time of year, the garden centres are filled with seeds and seedlings and this inexpensive, wholesome activity is one that’s accessible to all. No need for expert knowledge (the internet is at hand, and so are the packets!), nor complex equipment (we can repurpose recycling for use as containers and use our hands if we have no tools) it is never too late to start!

So, let’s get busy and start our planting efforts as the growing season kicks off. Happier minds and bodies and some screen-free activities plus a whole lot of learning and growing in between and we’ve achieved, we’re rewarded and we are healthier, happier humans and have contributed to a happier planet too. In for the win!

We'd love to hear how your plantings are going, no matter how ambitious. If you would like some support and tips, do drop us a note and we'll do our best to help!

Our April Planet Action Kit is still available (if you're quick!) and will help you to be planet minded and inspired to LOVE the Earth too! Have a look on our website

We are the creators of 'Planet Action Kit', inspiring kids to LOVE the Earth. PAK is an educational resource and subscription activity box providing personalised learning resources engaging budding planet-friendly kids. The activities focus on the four main themes: Love, Observe, inVolve and Enjoy and are centred around matters of environment and sustainability.

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