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What About The People?


This blog is part of our series bringing to your attention people or projects that we want to cheer on as we develop a culture of mutual support and encouragement at Planet and People. Our interests are broad - women in business, green living, the climate crisis, educating the next generation. It’s all worth shouting about!

Bethia: This week’s “hurray” goes to Give Your Best which are ticking two boxes as far as Planet and People are concerned - reducing clothing waste and supporting asylum seekers and refugee women with the dignity of choice about what they wear. Give Your Best believe that your financial or legal status shouldn’t mean the choice of what you wear is removed. They are also addressing the huge problem of fashion waste - we throw away more than a million tonnes of textiles per year in the UK alone and it’s a situation that is spiralling out of control. Fashion changes fast and clothes are cheap and easy to come by.

There has been more and more discussion in the media etc. about the future increase of climate refugees (displacement due to the consequences of climate change) and the implications it will have for everyone involved. At the moment a ‘climate refugee’ is not recognised under international law - a person cannot claim asylum on that basis.

The International Rescue Committee has some really useful information on this and highlights that women and girls are and will be disproportionately affected by displacement due to the consequences of climate change. In addition, these are communities that are already vulnerable for other reasons - lack of education, conflict, drought, food shortage, and now a global pandemic too.

Give Your Best is reaching out. For whatever reason a woman has sought refuge in the UK, Give Your Best will provide that woman with good quality, free clothing. You can donate your pre-loved clothing to support their cause. Have a look at their website

Giving is easy and there are two things that I particularly like about their approach:

  • Firstly, their emphasis on choice which maintains the affected individual’s dignity and autonomy.

  • Secondly, there is a personal element to the way they do things - obviously they have to protect identities and personal information of vulnerable women, but when you donate an item of clothing, you are offered the chance to include a personal note to the recipient. For the giver - a chance to reach out, for the receiver, evidence of the person behind this offer of support. A touch to benefit all parties.

A brilliant idea, in practice and outcome! Those who have too much can do something meaningful with accumulated excess, whilst vulnerable women can have their clothing needs met with choice, dignity and a personal touch. We can avoid sending perfectly good clothes to landfill. Have a look at their instagram page and see the impact of this project - support if you can and let’s keep looking for ways that we can make and celebrate your positive acts for planet and people!

FOR PLANET AND PEOPLE is a weekly blog conversation by ‘Planet & People’ to reflect our values and behaviours and encourage open conversation on topical eco-issues.

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