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A campaign to support hedgehogs and local wildlife in gardens and open spaces

This Spring/Summer, we are launching and rolling out the Mid Devon Hedgehog Highway Scheme- a campaign to support communities to take simple actions to benefit wildlife (including hedgehogs!) in their gardens and local open spaces. 

If you would like to get involved, please join our dedicated Facebook Group. We will be holding launch events across Mid Devon. Join our mailing list to keep up to date!

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Here are some ways that you can get involved:

1. Come along to a launch event near you - Get on our mailing list to keep up to date

2. Participate in the Hedgehog Highway Scheme (you can find out more here!) - all you need to do is put a hole or two (the size of  your hand) in your garden fence to create a hedgehog highway.

3. Decorate a paper hedgehog and display it in your window  to let people know you are part of the scheme - post your artwork on the Facebook group or email it to us to celebrate!

4. Email to let us know that you are participating and we'll add you on to our growing list - we hope to encourage as many people across the District as possible to get involved. 

5. Tell us about your hedgehog stories - get the conversation started on our Facebook Group.

6. Encourage other people in your communities to get involved - the more gardens that are linked up, the better for the hedgehogs!

7. Make your garden a bit more hedgehog/wildlife friendly - Be a part of the Devon Wildlife Trust's Wildlife Garden Award

8. Spot the hedgehog posters - you can help by printing some out and putting them up in a popular spot in your town or village

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