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A gusty August!

Just a quick one this time I promise.

So, this month has been full of thrills and spills. We have come up against strong winds (flattening one of our rows of flowers) and no rain then plenty of rain all in one go and also now the sweetpeas are in full swing we are finding it a challenge to keep up the pickings. With a whole lot of childcare thrown into the mix and plenty of summer visitors, it has felt a bit like one step forward and two steps back but we are facing the front and are excited about what's around the corner.


We are looking into starting and hosting a couple of events and taster sessions in the next few weeks/months (we will post dates shortly..):

1. We are keen to offer a sweet-pea picking day before the summer holidays are over! You are welcome to get in contact and come on down anytime you'd like to pick a bunch or two with your friends and family or if you have less time, pick up a bunch from our stall at the top of the Farleigh drive. Remember, we also take orders for bouquets and bunches and can add a hand-dyed silk ribbon for that special touch.

2. We're looking into putting on a nature-based family event which will hopefully be in the October half term.

3. I am also in discussions with a local floral designer (and friend) about starting an outdoor group with an inclusive, supportive and relaxed feel with a focus on parents of young children. We understand how challenging it can be to balance personal life commitments with work and ambition and would love to offer a place where there are very informal activities and a place to just be free with your kids and focus on you for a bit.

4. We are hoping to put on a family-friendly music event in our community. Lots to look forward to and I shall share details as they arise.

5. We have been in touch with a local horticultural therapist and hope to collaborate on future sessions and workshops with her as well as other floral and nature specialists.


We are expanding our veg patch, have cleared and turned over an extended flower area and have plans for (sustainably sourced) fencing and hedge-planting as well as making room in our barn to have a big covered area to use in the winter months (although it is very rustic indeed, you have been warned!).

*** We are looking for volunteers! ***

All of this means that we are starting to build our FARLEIGH ECOHUB TEAM. We are busy registering as a charity and as the Autumn approaches (sorry!) we have plenty of projects that we are keen to get ahead with. This will require a workforce. We would love to get local volunteers involved and I promise the benefits will be mutual.

What will we provide?

* sustainably sourced (and as homegrown as possible) refreshments

* the opportunity to be in touch with gardening and nature experts

* contribute to gardening and nature projects at your pace

* being in a beautiful, safe and fully insured environment in the heart of Devon

* meet new people and be a part of an social/eco project in its early stages

We would like to offer a regular gardening day on a Wednesday afternoon from 2-5pm to start off with. Email me on or call/text me on 07722301375 to register your interest and let me know why and what you are looking for.

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is just around the corner. So much for the quick posting .lots to talk about.

We're also always happy to hear from people locally who might be interested in being involved in other ways or would like to collaborate somehow.

Best wishes,


p.s. Oh, and we had a sparrowhawk visit our chicken enclosure!! And we've been making confetti like it's going out of fashion so do give us a call or order online if you have a wedding to go to or are getting married (2019/20)! How exciting...

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