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This blog is part of our series bringing to your attention people or projects that we want to cheer on as we develop a culture of mutual support and encouragement at Planet and People. Our interests are broad - women in business, environmental living, the climate crisis, educating the next generation. It’s all worth shouting about!

Bethia: Planet and People has had a volunteer in the run up to Christmas. Anna has been helping us get the message out about our two Christmas offerings - the 'Hope' Planet Action Kit and the 'Speak Up' Planet Action Kit. It’s been great working with Anna - she has many talents, much enthusiasm and a great passion to see kids connect to the natural world and issues of climate change. She’s a great giver of her time, both to us, but also in her role at Bloom in Doom. Below she tells us more about herself and also the magazine. Thanks to Anna for all her time, positivity and everything she has so generously given to Planet and People as a volunteer!

Tell us about yourself and how you are linked to Planet and People.

I’m Anna, a graduate in Biology and Marine Biology, currently based in Exeter. Since October, my role with Planet and People has been to promote our Planet Action Kits for individuals, families, and schools around Devon.

How did you first get interested in environmental issues?

My interest in the environment started with a love of the ocean, having learnt to scuba dive at 15. The more I dived, the more I came to understand the importance and fragility of marine life – from tropical reefs to our local UK coastlines. Learning how all aspects of the natural world are connected to each other and to us inspired me to study for my joint honours master’s degree in Southampton. I believe it’s impossible to witness and learn so much about the world around us without being equally compelled to protect it. So, staying aware of environmental issues and climate change effects has been just as important to me as studying the biology of the natural world. I graduated earlier this year, and soon after moved to Devon where I have since worked in Agricultural research and am now looking forward to a career in environmental education.

What is the Bloom in Doom magazine and what is the main aim?

Bloom in Doom Magazine is a platform for positive, solution-based environmental journalism. We bring together ideas and stories from talented writers, illustrators, and photographers across the world, with the aim of showing hope and light in the dark of the climate crisis. Between print issues, we publish regular articles online, sharing everything from environmental policy articles to creative writing pieces. Founded by the current creative director, Adam Heywood, the team now consists of freelance editors, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, writers, and content creators.

How did you get involved with it and what is your role?

I first got involved with Bloom in Doom as a reader. I wanted to learn more about climate change solutions and found physical books and magazines the most visually engaging way of doing this after leaving university. During my time working in Agricultural science, I came to engage in conversations on conventional and organic farming practice, and the varied environmental perspectives surrounding them. I wanted to contribute my thoughts in an article, so looked to Bloom in Doom for guidance. A few weeks after my pitch was accepted, I responded to an advert for a new Social Media Manager and, almost six months later, here we are. My primary role in the team involves creating engaging content and ‘infographics’ for our social media platforms – keeping the Bloom in Doom community informed on current environmental news, and any new articles available to read online.

What are three most exciting aspects of your work with Bloom in Doom?

This is a difficult question! I would say that the most exciting aspect of being part of the Bloom in Doom team at the moment is with the production of our print magazines. To date, we have released just three print volumes, each with its own theme of ‘Oceans’, ‘Sustainability’, and, most recently, ‘Forests’. Due to such positive responses to these issues, we’ve recently entered an exciting transition period from online publishing to the release of more regular physical magazines on a triannual basis. Working with the talented design, editorial, and socials team on our vision for the next and future issues is probably the most exciting thing happening now, and something to look out for in the new year.

In my role specifically, I also feel incredibly fortunate to meet and work with so many passionate environmentalists on a daily basis. My position in social media management often includes collaborating with other platforms and environmentalists for specialised infographics and interviews. We have worked with some incredible communities including @terramovement (a group of creatives using “artivism” to inspire positive change) and @mammalsociety (a charity devoted to the study and conservation of British mammals), as well as inspiring individuals doing great work to make the world a greener place. With every conservation and collaboration, I am filled with hope and optimism for the future of our planet, and I love sharing this excitement with the rest of our Bloom in Doom community.

Finally, though I have been part of the team for a relatively short amount of time, it’s great to see the Bloom in Doom community grow as more people from varied industries across the world read and engage with our content. Bloom in Doom came about to shine a light in the monotone negativity of mainstream media outlets. We believe that by showcasing genuine change-making, from individuals to large businesses, there is potential for inspiring greater drive and determination to protect our environment. Watching this initiative spread with every new visitor to our site and social media platforms is an incredibly exciting part of the job. I know that we are just at the start of the Bloom in Doom journey, and I can’t wait to hear more stories of positive change and progress as the magazine continues to grow.

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