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GROW together!

There's nothing quite like a global pandemic to bring the world together! With COVID-19 unsettling us all, the awful events in America leading to the #blacklivesmatter campaign, people struggling financially, efforts to homeschool, adapting with the changes and realising that the world may never be quite what it used to, we have had an awful lot to contend with over the past few months.

Thankfully the lack of commuting and school runs, very few flights and limited public transport must certainly have had a positive effect on our carbon outputs, and definitely on the volume of the birdsong! On the other hand mental health issues will have escalated and the uncertainty will have long lasting effects on everyone, no matter what their circumstances. Not to mention that the Brexit (sorry!) negotiations are still ongoing as we run headlong into a recession and chlorinated chicken seems to have slipped in under the radar.

DON'T PANIC! In light of this, we are sure that there is a whole lot of positivity and potential room for change for the better as we make the best of what we've got. The seasons have been immensely reassuring, as spring merges into summer and the carefully orchestrated timing of the hedgerow plants, leaves on the trees, birds nesting etc continues in ignorance of our human struggles. If anything, more than ever we've come to realise that there's one life, live it!

We are ever conscious of the need to be inclusive, environmentally aware and give opportunity for mindfulness and creativity and so out of lockdown, GROWbox was born! Working together with my neighbour and close friend, we are excited to introduce to you this passion project. Bethia, a geography teacher by profession, and me, an ecologist, have put our heads together and created a subscription activity box for children. It is based around the four themes of growth (in all its forms!):

GROW (environment & sustainability)

BE WELL (physical & mental wellbeing)

IMAGINE (creativity)

CONNECT (community building & kindness)

These boxes are for children aged 3-8yrs and are ideal for gifts or regular subscription orders. You can read more about them here

In future we aim to link to other organisations and tailor the boxes for each child's learning style as well as introducing sustainability workshops and experiences for both parent/carer and child at Farleigh Ecohub, Devon, when restrictions are lifted, although we may offer these online too. Watch this space!

We'd love for you to join in the discussion and GET GROWING! Do join our community on Facebook too.

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