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GROWnings: Reviewing the reviews


Reviewing the Reviews

Bethia: I’m buzzing! One of my favourite connections with my oldest son is when we hit on something that really grabs his interest/curiosity. His eyes get bigger and he’s tripping over himself to get all his questions out! He wants to know EVERYTHING.

I said fairly near the beginning of this project that for me ‘success’ will be when we start to see those parent/child moments happening for our GROWboxers. It’s a huge motivation in the GROWbox journey and this week has been full of these moments on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Thank you so much to all our supporters for posting these and sharing your ‘buzz mo

ments’ with your children:

@exmoorfarmher - (farmer and mother of two) said:

“I was actually blown away by my own child’s knowledge and confidence in his desires. He’s 3 years old, loves energetic play and nature so it was so good to sit down and engage with him in an activity that kept his concentration.”

Jess: The JULY GROWbox inspired F to travel to the Arctic and see a Narwhal (the unicorns of the sea!). How awesome is that?! It just goes to show that you are free to travel anywhere, without even leaving your home. You can have fun and even learn along the way!


@muddybootsmumma/@getyourbootsmuddy (mother, nursery school owner and sustainable kids fashion supplier) said:

“...every element is obviously made with love.”


“If you are looking for an eco, sustainable, really fun and educational activity this is definitely worth a try!”

B: The home learning world seems to be growing and we’ve all had to dip our toe in during the last months. It’s encouraging to hear that the GROWbox is already being used to support childrens’ learning journeys.


@mumto4sons (unschooler and mother of four boys!) said:

“We have joined the GROWbox revolution!

GROW, BE WELL, IMAGINE and CONNECT - what a fabulous motto! Granted our journey to unschooling is just beginning and is somewhat still in the decision process but finding little gems like these can be the perfect accessories for the proactive and eco-conscious home educator. Filled with activities, stencils, knitted handicrafts, worksheets, discovery sheets and seeds! Some positives have arrived out of lockdown. I’m super thankful to the creators of GROWbox for taking us back to our roots, developing a new yet old sense of wonder in our children.”

J: This is all such great news, the GROWbox revolution is definitely happening - get involved! We are also keen to get the men on board so will be creating a box with you Dads/male carers (particularly) in mind soon!

July's GROWbox will be focussing on world food, places around the world and nature that we need on every continent - Order now!

GROWnings is a weekly blog conversation by "GROW together!" to reflect our values and behaviours and encouraging open conversation on topical issues.

‘GROW Together!’ is an educational resources and subscription box company to provide fun, personalised learning resources enabling engagement between parents/carers and their children. The activities focus on getting in touch with nature and encouraging a desire to protect it, promoting better mental and physical wellbeing, allowing space for creativity and connectivity. Find out more on our website,, Facebook group, and on our Instagram Feed

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